Army Dad Turned Away From Daughter's School Because of His 'Offensive' Uniform (VIDEO)

It seems like we live in a day and age in which anything and everything can be taken as offensive. And while you may be able to understand why certain people feel strongly about, say, gay marriage or off-color racist jokes or whatever, you really have to wrap your mind around what some people think are other so-called "offensive" topics and items.

Like military uniforms.

Yes, the uniforms men and women wear while sacrificing their lives to keep us safe. Apparently, at a school in Michigan, a father who has served in the Army for 24 years was denied entry into his daughter's high school because he was wearing a uniform that the security guard reportedly told him might "offend" certain students. His options were clear: change his clothes or go home.


Lieutenant Colonel Sherwood Baker showed up at Rochester Adams High School because he wanted to meet with his daughter's counselor about her school schedule. Sounds like a dedicated parent to me and one you would welcome with open arms -- whether he was wearing a suit and tie or torn jeans.

But Baker was wearing his military uniform, and his wife Rachel Ferhadson says the security guard told him men and women in uniform weren't allowed on school grounds because "it may offend another student."

The good news here is that Rochester Schools Superintendent Robert Shaner, who is a veteran, saw the crazy in this. He released a statement in which he apologized for the guard's behavior and vowed there was no policy in place that turned away military members in uniform.

Well, at least this matter was handled swiftly and in a professional manner. But you have to wonder why anyone would be offended by a man or woman in an Army uniform -- the very notion is disturbing. You can disagree with the choices our government has made to send troops overseas. Perhaps you're a complete pacifist who is opposed to all war and you want your children to be raised with the same values. That's all good and fine, but these men and women still deserve to be treated with respect for putting their lives on the line for us.

They consider it a privilege to wear their uniform -- they put in a great deal of work and commit themselves to spending time away from the ones they love for the benefit of our safety and our families. No one is saying you have to pay for a soldier's meal at a restaurant, but they certainly deserve our respect and courtesy.

Hear what Baker's family has to say about this incident in this video:

Do you think this security guard had the right to turn this dad away because he was wearing an Army uniform that might offend students?

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