Hillary Clinton’s Diva Demands Are Totally Justified

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton has amassed her fair share of haters over the years. From her hair to her politics to her pantsuits, she has dealt with a tremendous amount of scrutiny. So given the fact that she is likely to make a run for the White House, we don't expect it to let up anytime soon. The latest thing that has put a bull's eye on the former First Lady's back? Her demands for speaking engagements have some calling her a BIG DIVA.


The folks at Las Vegas Review-Journal got their hands on a copy of Clinton's standard contract for being the keynote speaker at the UNLV Foundation dinner to take place on October 13.

Among her typical demands: a presidential suite for her and up to three adjoining rooms for aides, private jets, round trip business class tickets for two advance staffers, an enormous meal stipend for her aides, $500 for any incidentals, and final approval for all moderators. In addition, she will attend the event for no more than 90 minutes and pose for no more than 50 photos. And since Clinton does not allow any video or audio recordings of her speeches, the venue must pay for a stenographer to transcribe the speech and give the ONLY copy to her.

This, according to those who don't like her, makes her a prima donna. But let's be honest here, hasn't she earned it? If someone like JLo can request a 12-person hair team at her disposal or Madonna demanding accommodations for her 200-person entourage, Clinton has every right to get demanding. She is a former First Lady-turned-Senator-turned-Secretary of State. Now she's likely to get the Democratic nomination for President. If that doesn't entitle her to some diva-like demands, I don't know what does. It's not like she's some egotistical, talentless reality star with an inflated sense of self.

Another point that has people grousing: her speaking fee. Though she typically asks for $300,000, she graciously agreed to lower her fee to $225,000. That's a big chunk of change to forgo. Whether you agree with her politics or not, you have to admit she's a pretty dynamic woman. Worth every penny (and demand) if you ask me.

Do you think Hillary is being a diva?


Image via Marc Nozell/Flickr

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