Governor Uses Sandy Hook School Shooting in Tacky Bid to Win Reelection

Connecticut GovernorGovernor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut is up for reelection this fall, which means residents of that state are already being treated to campaign ads. Let the mudslinging begin! Malloy's campaign just dropped their second 30-second ad this week, and it's already receiving some pretty harsh criticism from his opponents. 

The instantly controversial ad features Nicole Hockley, praising the gov for having "the courage and conviction to stand up and do the right thing." Hockley is likely referring to stricter gun control laws passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown -- her son Dylan was one of 20 kids killed by Adam Lanza that day.


Malloy's previous commercial mentioned his leadership when "unimaginable evil let loose in a school."

Oyza, did he really just do that? I mean, it's one thing to mention leadership with past actions ... the Newtown shooting happened, he was governor at the time, and he handled it as best as he could. It was an unspeakable tragedy, and ignoring it completely doesn't make sense.

But to bring in one of the victim's moms? It just seems a bit ... much.

The State Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. thinks it was a shady move too. He said in a statement something to the effect of Malloy exploiting the mass shooting for his own political gain.

The gov is expected to face a tough reelection fight, and Labriola contends that he's "desperate and trying to distract voters from his economic record."

Malloy's two Republican challengers, businessman Tom Foley and Sen. John McKinney, either declined to comment on the ad or referred questions to the state GOP.

Mark Bergman, a senior adviser to Malloy's campaign, said Hockley reached out to them and said she wanted to help Malloy get re-elected. "It was a generous offer on her part and we're honored to have her support," he said.

Generous offer or not, they didn't have to put her in an ad. I know she's grieving and doing all she can to honor the memory of her son. It almost seems like Malloy's office is taking advantage of that though. It would be nice if politicians took the high road and kept victims like Nicole Hockley out of their campaign commercials.

Do you think Governor Malloy is exploiting the Sandy Hook shooting with is latest ad?


Image via mtaphotos/Flickr

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