Little Boy Taught How to Use a Grenade Launcher on the Beach (VIDEO)

grenade launcher

You know that saying, "The world is going to hell in a hand basket"?  Well, this may be proof that we are already there. There is a video going around of a man teaching a very small child how to use a grenade launcher on a beach. The little boy doesn't look older than 6 or 7. The footage is completely disturbing and signifies the deadly dangers awaiting us all. Take a look.


Recorded in Libya, both the man and child seemed overjoyed at the lesson. It's a miracle the back blast didn't kill the kid.

There are several disturbing factors in this video. Why does this man have an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) handy? The fact that he does should terrify us all. But that is just the beginning of why this is so troubling. He is teaching a very, very young child how to use it. Why would a child so young need to know such a thing? Why is this a normal, acceptable activity for this pair to do?

The weapon is actually taller than the boy. But that doesn't seem to bother them. Nor does the smoke and noise. After he shoots, he is cheered on and given a kiss. For most of us, this scene is beyond chilling. However, there are certain parts of this world where children are forced to learn these things far too early. These places are plagued by war and strife. 

Terrorism is something we all fear in this day and age. There is so much unrest sparked by ethnic, cultural, and religious differences. And though we see so much of this violence played out in the news every day, some of us still have a thread of hope that perhaps it will come to an end. But how can we keep that hope alive after seeing videos and images like this? If younger and younger generations are being taught to take up arms, the use of horrific violence will continue. It just goes to show that we are so far from winning the so-called war against terrorism. We have so much to fear for the future of this world.

What was your reaction after seeing this video?

Image © STR/PAKISTAN/Reuters/Corbis

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