Republican Mistaking YMCA Kids for Migrants Is Not the Real Border Problem

School BusHave you been following the immigration mess at the border recently? Basically, there are a ton more people than usual trying to sneak into the country, and many if not most of them are children. It's absolutely heartbreaking, but thanks to our totally jacked up immigration system, they're being deported to their home countries -- mostly Central America.

Now since we're talking about children, emotions flair on the topic, because no one wants to send kids back to crime-infested third-world countries. A lot of politicians are speaking out about it, but not a lot of people are listening. Take for example one Republican in Arizona who made the heinous mistake of thinking a busload of YMCA camp kids were migrant children.


Arizona Rep. Adam Kwasman, a Republican, was trying to make a point on Tuesday that we need to be compassionate toward these children, and care more about the spirit of the law than the absolute rule of law. He tweeted a picture of a school bus that he believed to be full of dozens of migrant children headed to a shelter. He wrote, "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law."

Later he was interviewed by's Brahm Resnick, who rather than ask him about how he thinks we can fix this problem long term, or what he's doing right now to help these poor kids, was just giddy that he'd caught a Republican in a trap.

You see, the school bus Kwasman had tweeted about wasn't full of migrant children -- it was a YMCA summer camp traveling to a nearby facility.

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Yeah, it was a gaffe. Another reporter said the kids all looked happy, but honestly that's sort of irrelevant. Instead of trying to have a real discussion about what constitutes compassion within the bounds of law and practicality, this reporter was just anxious to jump all over this guy's mistake.

It's the perfect example of how Americans won't work together to actually get anything done. Instead of waiting to pounce on each other's political gaffes, maybe we could actually talk about something relevant -- you know, like how to handle this border crisis.

What do you think of Kwasman's gaffe? Honest mistake or political suicide?


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