'Free the Nipple' Bikini: What It Looks Like on Real Feminists (PHOTOS)​

gloria steinemSome things in life just aren't fair. At the top of that list for some women is the fact that men can walk around bare-chested and we can't. Thus the "Free the Nipple" movement was born. Women -- well, some women -- are tired of keeping their areolas out of sight. To support this fight, a bikini maker has created the Ta Ta Top. Which looks exactly like it sounds -- like a pair of exposed boobs.

People who have taken up this cause seem to believe it's the next evolution of feminism. Once it was the right to vote, then fair and equal wages (a fight we haven't won as far as I'm concerned). Now it's supposed to be this? I personally have a hard time buying that and wonder how notable feminists would feel about it too. So, The Stir has mocked up what it would look like if outspoken proponents of women's rights sported this Ta Ta Top. Take a look.


Image © Jon Stulich/Retna Ltd./Corbis