Army Soldiers Deserve the Right to 'Bare Arms' Too With Rolled Sleeves

Army UniformsLet the soldiers bare their arms. No, not bear arms -- bare arms. Did you know that Army soldiers are required to wear their ACUs sleeves-down and aren't allowed to roll them up no matter how hot the sweltering summer gets?

It's been about a decade since the Army Combat Uniform replaced the Battle Dress Uniform, and soldiers lost their sleeve-rolling privileges. Spc. Milt Perkins is unimpressed with the requirement in the summer heat at Fort Polk, which he likens to a Louisiana steam bath. "I sweat every day when I walk to work," said the 26-year-old operating room specialist for a combat support hospital. "You get sticky."


Yuck. The official explanation is that "the ACU top was made to protect soldiers' forearms from the sun, insects, and other elements and it’s not designed to be cuffed." But in practice, it seems to be causing more discomfort than anything else.

Pfc. Ian Strutt-Kist, a 19-year-old in the Army Reserve in Tustin, California, says the long sleeves are downright messy when he's out working in the 90-degree summer. "When working with dirt, if dirt gets on your forearms under your jacket and you’re sweaty, it basically becomes mud up your sleeve and it is very uncomfortable," Strutt-Kist said.

The Marines abolished their rolled sleeves policy in 2011 but reinstated it this year after continued outcry. Their wives were very happy.

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Because let's get to the heart of the matter -- rolled sleeves isn't just more comfortable for our servicemen, it's more attractive. Those soldiers work hard for those guns, shouldn't they be allowed to show them off a little? Geez.

Some say that the design of the ACUs won't allow for rolled sleeves, but never underestimate the resourcefulness of a soldier. They submitted photos to the Army Times proving that it could be done with a little maneuvering around pockets.

It's hot out there -- our Army soldiers deserve the right to bare their arms.

Do you think soldiers should be allowed to roll their sleeves?


Image via Kentucky National Guard/Flickr

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