Politician's Justification for Allowing Rape Is Beyond Terrifying

According one very backwards politician, rape isn't always rape. Apparently it's only rape-rape if the crime is reported to the police. Because apparently if no one reports it, it didn't happen. Kind of like how no one gets killed when a murder goes unreported. Wait, what?

Gah! Of course rape is rape, reported or not. But not according to Indian cabinet minister Babulah Gaur, who not only claims that rape isn't always rape, but also horrifyingly that rape is "sometimes right."


Gaur said, "This is a social crime which depends on men and women; sometimes it's right, sometimes it's wrong.”

The comments were made in the wake of the brutal gang-rape of two Indian girls; both hanged themselves after the attack. One girl's family is now being threatened by relatives and other supporters of the three brothers who were detained for the crime. They have reportedly told the victim's family, "Once the media have gone, we will make war on you."

In fact, intimidation of this kind is relatively normal in the poorer provinces of India. Survivors are often attacked, threatened, or even murdered to prevent them from reporting their crimes.

So how does this guy solve the problem? By saying a rape didn't occur unless it's reported. "Until there's a complaint, nothing can happen," Gaur said.

Let me get this straight. If a woman is raped in India, she wasn't really raped unless she reports it to the police. If she reports it to the police, she faces further attack, shaming, death, or harm to her family. Right. Because that makes sense.

I wish this were a lone statement by a crackpot, but it seems to be more a general consensus among many high-ranking Indian officials. Mulayam Singh Yadav, who heads a political party in the region where the rapes took place, commented on proposed changes to bring the death penalty for rapists.

"Boys commit mistakes: Will they be hanged for rape?" he asked.

Geez, no wonder girls are afraid to speak out. Violence against women exists all over the world, but at least in the United States, we're not told "boys commit mistakes" and rape is "sometimes right." Just sickening.

Why do you think these guys would say such terrible things about rape?


Image via Nathan Gibbs/Flickr

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