Duke Porn Star's New Job Sends the Wrong Message to Women (VIDEO)

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For Duke University porn star Belle Knox, making adult movies is an incredibly empowering decision. She did it to help pay for those outrageously expensive tuition bills she was raking up every month. Though, she admits, the difference between empowerment and degradation is subjective. Ain't that the truth. Most of us can't imagine filming a skin flick no matter the reason. Now that decision has led to another opportunity for Belle.


Her newfound fame has led to a TV gig. Knox will host the new reality show The Sex Factor, where eight men and eight women compete for $1 million by being the best porn stars they can be. The show will feature some of the biggest and brightest in the industry, including Lexi Belle, 2014 Penthouse Pet of the Year; Tori Black, 2011 AVN Performer of the Year; Remy LaCroix, 2014 AVN Best Actress; and Keiran Lee, whose lady parts are insured for $1 million. I am sure porn lovers will rejoice over this news. 

And while I am happy things have worked out for Belle Knox after being mercilessly harassed by her Duke classmates, I hope this doesn't inspire other women to make the same career move. After Kim Kardashian rose to fame following her sex tape, many other wannabe stars filmed their own hoping for the same attention. What if porn becomes the new way to launch a career in the limelight? We would be fooling ourselves to think there aren't girls out there thinking this way.

But just because Belle finds herself on TV now doesn't mean she's got it easy. Even after 25 to 30 films under her belt, she still has only made enough to pay for one year of school. Plus, she's still dealing with the haters. "Women resent me more ... but I do get a lot of slut-shaming from guys," she has said. And I can only imagine the shame it has bought to her family. It may have been an "empowering" choice for her, but it just seems like a bad one for most young women.

See a teaser for The Sex Factor:

Do you think being a porn star can be a good career choice?


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