Obama's Big Problem With Veterans & Health Care Can't Be Ignored Forever

Barack ObamaHave you been hearing about the big VA scandal that's been brewing in the news lately? Apparently there's been some cover-up about wait times and access to health care at facilities for veterans, which may have led to some deaths at a Phoenix center.

It's about to turn into a big old problem for President Obama, who has thus far refused to publicly make a statement. Press Secretary Jay Carney was unable to answer questions Tuesday as to when the president would comment on the scandal, even as news broke over the weekend that the administration has known about the book-cooking practice to cover up long wait times and limited care for our vets since 2008. So go ahead and blame Bush, but Obama did nothing to fix it either.


Mr. Carney offered a very encouraging, "I'm sure you'll hear from him at some point on this issue soon," which I'm sure meant the world to those whose loved ones are on secret lists of sick patients who can't get adequate care. It's not like they risked their lives for their country or anything.

Since the reports from Phoenix came out last month, it seems like new allegations are popping up daily from around the country of "inappropriate scheduling practices at other facilities, delayed care, or warning signs that were missed years ago."

One way of gaming the system involves scheduling an appointment with a patient, canceling it, and reporting it in the system as cancelled by the patient. When a patient cancels instead of the facility, wait times are not affected. So it appears that all patients who need health care are getting it within the target time of 30 days, even if they're not.

This is absolutely deplorable. Is this how we thank our soldiers for serving? Thanks for keeping us safe at home, here's some really crappy health care with waiting lists so long you might die! But you know, thanks.

President Obama has a moral obligation to address these issues and find a solution for taking care of our vets.

But you know what's really scary? If this is how government-run health care treats our heroes, what's Obamacare going to be like for us ordinary folks? Just some food for thought.

Do you think President Obama needs to address the VA scandal personally?


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