Pregnant Woman Sentenced to Death 2 Years After She Gives Birth

pregnant womanThis is the very definition of cruel and unusual punishment. A pregnant woman was sentenced to death -- 2 years after her child is to be born. The crime that earned her that horrific penalty?


Meriam Yehya was convicted for apostasy, which is abandoning her Muslim faith to become a Christian. That, apparently, is a capital offense in Sudan. They gave her three days to recant but when she didn't, they sentenced her to hang. Just despicable. But the judge didn't stop there. She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery because her marriage to a Christian man was not valid under Islamic law.

Of course, as word spread of her plight, human rights groups have come to her defense. Amnesty International called the sentence "appalling and abhorrent." It certainly is -- and for many reasons. For one, faith should be a choice no matter where you live. But it's also a barbaric punishment because of when she is to be killed.

Can you even imagine watching your child grow, knowing you would be put to death after his second birthday? It would almost be easier emotionally if they just did it right after the birth. I am sure any mother would agree that this is akin to psychological torture. They allow her to give birth, possibly bond with her child, then she faces death.

My hope is that during those two years international organizations will win the fight to save her life.

Do you think her life will ultimately be spared?


Image via Photo list/Flickr

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