Family Who Had to Watch Daughter Starve to Death Seeks Change in Law

Texas family fights euthanasia laws Natalie Newton was 19 months old and should have had her whole life ahead her. Unfortunately, a series of tragedies would take her from this Earth far too soon. The same series of events would leave her family aching with sadness. It would also leave them furious and cause them to share her story in the hopes of changing the state of Texas' euthanasia laws forever. Hopefully something good can come out of their horrible misfortune and tremendous loss. 

According to her grandfather, Bradley Newton, Natalie was a happy, active little girl. But in September, she accidentally fell into the family's outdoor pool. She was rushed as quickly as possible to the nearest hospital. The doctors and nurses there were able to revive her. But Natalie was deaf and blind. She couldn't move, and doctors let the family know that since she'd gone without oxygen for a little over an hour, there was no way she was ever going to recover.


With the help of the doctors, Natalie's family made the hardest decision imaginable. In a heartbreaking but ultimately totally loving move, they opted to stop Natalie's treatment and to put an end to doing anything that was going to maintain her life at the expense of her potential pain and unhappiness. But in Texas, the only legal way of doing that is by "withholding nutrition."

That's right. Natalie's family had to watch her die by essentially starving to death. It wasn't quick. It took eight full days. And it certainly wasn't human. It made an already impossibly sad situation something horrific for her family. The only way they have found of seeking solace is by sharing her story in the hopes that this news reaches legislators. They hope that what they went through with Natalie will never happen to another family. Listening to her grandfather speak, it's unthinkable that the family's words won't impact legislators. I sincerely hope they act accordingly. Death by starvation isn't even something we do to death row offenders. Truly sad. 

Do you think Natalie's family is right?


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