Arizona Passes Law That Allows Businesses to Turn Away Gay Customers

Arizona legislators have passed a bill giving businesses permission to refuse to serve gay people. No, we haven't suddenly time-warped back to the 1950s. This is now! Unbelievable. The bill, approved by the Republican-controlled Senate and House, allows for businesses to refuse to service gay customers if the owner of the business feels this conflicts with his or her "religious freedom." Many business owners are also outraged -- worried that this will create a massive backlash against the state and that people will stop visiting it. Many are urging Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the bill.


This is absolutely the most gobsmackingly discriminatory thing I've heard of recently ... giving businesses the right to turn away gay people at their discretion. And how exactly does one even know for certain someone is gay? What is next? Gay people having to carry around ID?

This kind of thing was standard before the era of Civil Rights -- African-Americans were routinely denied service at businesses, denied jobs, denied the right to attend school or vote. Now it's gay people?

All in the name of "religion." Anyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ knows he would not be down with this! What hypocrisy!

So let's just say I decide I'm one of the various religions older than Christianity that condoned human sacrifice. So I guess I could just go around killing people in the name of my religion? What?!

What's next? Police don't have to help gays? Firemen don't have to put out their house fires? Doctors don't have to patch them up?

There are religious laws and human rights laws, and human rights laws MUST triumph.

Jesus Christ, who accepted everyone, would certainly not turn away gay people. What religion are these legislators following? And these business owners? If you don't think gay people should get married, then don't marry one, simple as that.

This is repulsive and I hope Arizona gets a huge backlash -- though I do feel sorry for the open-minded, intelligent people who live there. Actually, they are the only hope to stop this insanity. Some are already trying. Here is a picture that Rocco's Pizza posted on Twitter. Right on!

What do you think of this legislation?


Image via torbakhopper/Flickr

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