Hillary Clinton Apparently Didn’t Mind That Whole Monica Lewinsky Thing

If you've ever wondered exactly why Hillary Clinton stayed with Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal -- or at least didn't give him the heave-ho after they left office -- a new report appears to have the answer. Apparently Hillary just didn't mind it that much! (Hey, this has got to appeal to male voters, amiright?)

According to the conservative website The Free Beacon, which looked at previously unpublished archives of Diane Blair, one of Hillary's closest friends before her death in 2000, Hillary thought Monica was nothing but a "narcissistic loony tune" and even gave Bill credit for "trying" to break it off with her!


The documents reportedly state:

[The affair] was a lapse, but [Hillary] says to his credit he tried to break it off, tried to pull away, tried to manage someone who was clearly a 'narcissistic loony toon'; but it was beyond control.

Really? It was beyond his control?! How about just not starting an affair with an intern to begin with? You start to get the feeling that Hillary is probably one of the only women on the planet who could put up with Bill this long -- because she simply feels he can't "control" himself. Yikes, not the marriage I would want, but to each her own.

She also seems to feel that the sexual shenanigans didn't have "any real meaning" and comes up with some more excuses for Bill -- that he probably did what he did because he was under stress due to the deaths of Vince Foster and his mother and Hillary's father.

Well, this is one damn understanding wife, I tell you! Every philanderer's dream woman!

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I'm not going to say this makes me respect Hillary as a woman -- it doesn't. But I also realize she's not every woman. She's got bigger things in mind. She wants to rule countries, change history, help millions. If that means her husband gets to stick a cigar up an intern's twat once in awhile, I guess she's okay with that.

However, he brought a lot of embarrassment to the White House -- and I wonder if she's nervous if he will do it again? Don't know that I'd trust him not to!

On the other hand, it certainly makes Hillary look like one tough cookie who can separate her emotions from her political thinking. Does she have emotions? Not sure. Does a president need to be able to get jealous? Need to be able to get angry at her husband? Maybe not. It does show that Hillary has other things on her mind besides fidelity. Could you be married to Bill otherwise? Hillary might be the ultimate realist.

What do you think about what Hillary supposedly thought about Monica?


Image via readyforHillary/Instagram

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