Amanda Knox Porn Offer Is Insulting in More Ways Than One

I'm so not what you'd call a "porn enthusiast," but I can guarantee if I were, my wishlist of folks I'd enjoy watching on screen wouldn't include men or women who are possibly guilty of committing murder. Apparently, my thinking is way off here because Amanda Knox -- who was recently found guilty again by an Italian court for the 2007 murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher -- has received an indecent and kind of insulting proposal by a major porno company.


According to the founder of a porn company called Monarchy Distribution, lots and lots of people are just waiting with bated breath for the glorious day when Amanda will shed her clothing and have sex on camera. The company has made the 26-year-old an offer she will certainly have no problem refusing: they'll give Amanda $20,000 to star in one of their X-rated films. Monarchy's rep tried to sway her by insisting she could use the money to pay for her legal bills, which are sure to be hefty since she plans on fighting attempts to extradite her to Italy, where she'd have to serve 28 years in prison.

This news is all sorts of yeesh. First of all: $20,000? Really, dude? That'll pay for, maybe, two weeks of legal bills. Then there's the whole moral conundrum here -- you know, is she or isn't she guilty of killing a young girl and what on Earth would Meredith's poor family think of this? Yes, I realize the porn industry isn't probably losing sleep over moral issues, but come on. We're talking about possible murder here. Can't we all agree this is just plain weird and wrong? 

Also, is anyone else surprised that there is a loyal fanbase of porn watchers out there who want to see Amanda have sex? How odd and sad is it that people can overlook the fact that she may have done something horrendous just so they can see her without clothes on? As a society, we really will forgive young women of all potential sins as long as they possess pretty eyes and a shapely figure. 

Are you at all surprised that Amanda Knox was offered money to star in a porno film? Do you think she'll do it?


Image via BRENDAN MCDERMID/Reuters/Corbis

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