If Clay Aiken Can Handle 'American Idol,' He Can Handle Congress

Clay Aiken Clay Aiken confirmed the news today that he is indeed running for Congress in North Carolina. The former American Idol contestant (and fan favorite) released a touching (and very long, by Internet standards) video explaining the heart-wrenching reasons behind his decision to take action politically. It's hard not to already grant him your vote just after watching the thing -- he seems so sincere! But is he cut out for the job?

Celebrities moving from Hollywood careers into politics isn't anything new. There's an impressive list of successful politicians who started out as actors, singers, and even reality stars. The biggest success story (debatable) is the presidency of Ronald Reagan. We've also got the legacies of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Sonny Bono, Jesse Ventura, and Al Franken to name but a few. 


Aiken seems passionate about the position. He addresses his concerns about the state's current representative. He questions mainly her repeated votes FOR the government shutdown. He comes across in the video as well-educated and passionate about his state's needs. But does time in the spotlight and even experience as an educator necessarily translate into political cache? Maybe not.

The biggest thing Clay has going for him is how he handles his time on American Idol; he addresses it and moves past it. If nothing else the video he's released makes it clear that he takes this job seriously. Hopefully voters will look past his lack of practical government experience and take into account how his service work and activism apply to the task at hand. If the Terminator can run California, Aiken can surely handle North Carolina. 

Would you vote for Clay?


Image via Clay Aiken/YouTube

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