81-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Feeding Bears (VIDEO)

musselmanWhat have park rangers told us not to do, over and over again? 81-year-old Florida retired teacher Mary Musselman was arrested for feeding the bears that have been wandering into her yard. And she wasn't feeding them snacks, either. She was handing out up to 18 bowls of dog food a day. No wonder they kept coming back for more!  


Feeding wild animals is dangerous because the animals can become too comfortable humans -- meanwhile, they end up destroying property. Park rangers had called on Musselman several times, explaining to her why she shouldn't feed the bears and begging her to stop. Police issued a formal warning in November. A judge ordered her to shut down the smorgasbord. The former gym teacher simply told them she would continue feeding the bears. And she did. 

Last year one of Musselman's guest bears had to be euthanized. Neighbors and former students are concerned, especially as Musselman was caring for her husband, who has cancer. They are requesting that a mental health professional appear at her hearing

How else could officials have gotten Musselman to stop feeding the bears?


Image via CNN


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