Injured Army Ranger Cory Remsburg Is True Hero of State of the Union (VIDEO)

Cory RemsburgNo matter what side of the political aisle you were on, there was one moment of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address that surely brought a few tears to your eyes. I'm talking, of course, about the moment when cameras trained on Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg, the Army Ranger who got a thumbs up from the president and his own standing ovation during the big speech.

The president mentioned the injured soldier as he made a point that "men and women like Cory remind us that America has never come easy." That's certainly true of anyone who sacrifices to join our military, but who is Cory Remsburg and what has he done for our nation?


Here's what's known about the man who drew bi-partisan cheers last night:

1. Cory Remsburg joined the Army on his 18th birthday, following a military tradition set by his dad, Craig Remsburg, a retired Air Force Reserve firefighter (who also sat in the box by First Lady Michelle Obama at the State of the Union).

2. His first deployment came in 2003, and he was deployed nine times after that to Iraq and Afghanistan, for a total of 10.

3. It was on his last deployment in October 2009 that Remsburg was seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The Army Ranger ended up with shrapnel in his brain, and he was in a coma for three months from the blast. Extensive therapy has helped him regain his speech and his ability to walk, but Remsburg is blind in one eye and still struggles with movement on his left side.

4. His relationship with President Obama extends back to 2009, before the incident that nearly took his life. The two met in Hawaii when the president was visiting Omaha Beach on the anniversary of D-Day. They have met twice since.

5. Remsburg received the Purple Heart for his service to this country. He is a true American hero.

Watch as folks on both sides of the political aisle recognize Cory Remsburg. What do you wish you could say to him today?

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Image via NBC News

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