Congresswoman Rudely Interrupted for Breaking Justin Bieber News (VIDEO)

andrea mitchellJustin Bieber is all over the news right now, whether you consider him "news" or not. Since Bieber's arrest on Thursday, it's hard to so much as look at a computer or television without reading or hearing something about the singer. But, seriously guys, how important is this? I mean, yeah, he's an incredibly famous pop culture fixture -- and everybody loves talking celebrities -- but was it really worth cutting off a congresswoman mid-sentence, MSNBC?

Yesterday, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell interrupted Congresswoman Jane Harman of California while she was speaking about the NSA's data collection practices with Breaking Bieber Fever news. I'm not going to lie, I laughed. But also, I cried. Oh, humanity. What have we become?

Here's the video:


Mitchell was clearly told to interrupt Harman, but man, she really went for it. Harman tried to forge on a bit with her "boring news talk," but Mitchell wouldn't quit 'til she shut the congresswoman's pie hole. And the even crazier part is that it wasn't the arrest in and of itself, it was Bieber's live bond hearing.

The sad thing is, television (and the Internet!) is mainly dictated by the public. IE, MSNBC probably just assumed they were giving its viewers exactly what they wanted. But I, personally, am not sure how many people who were watching a segment on the data collection practices of the NSA care about Bieber's arrest. #msnbcfail

Are you more interested in the NSA leaks or Bieber ... be honest. We know where MSNBC stands!


Image via jonmanization/YouTube

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