'Planet Hillary' Magazine Cover Is Not Just Bizarre -- It's Sexist (PHOTO)

hillary clintonOh. No. Just about a week after Time depicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as nothing more than, as Slate described, "a pointy heel trampling an emasculated dude," here comes The New York Times Magazine with their ridiculous interpretation of the Democratic 2016 presidential election frontrunner. NYT staffer David Joachim tweeted a preview of the newspaper's Sunday magazine cover, stating that it shows Hillary "as you've never seen her." That's for damn sure.

Check it out ...


See! What the ... is THAT?! Mediaite describes it as Hillary the "faceplanetball," and the NYT editors say it's meant to illustrate her "gravitational pull" on the 2016 election. Sounds like it was meant to be flattering, but it just comes off as bizarre at best and cringe-worthy and sexist at worst. Why is it that these magazines can only seem to think to depict a woman who has the potential for great power in a surreal, supernatural, threatening, ominous way? When the Time cover came out, there were outcries of how blatantly misogynistic it was, because come on, like the publication would've ever pulled something similar with a male politician with the same momentum. But this crazy cover is really no different.

If GOP contender Chris Christie's political career wasn't such a rapidly sinking ship at this point, would they have put his face in a "faceplanetball"? Uh, no. When Time featured him in a black and white silhouette with the cover line, "Elephant in the Room" -- which could've easily referenced his political party -- people flipped out. What a joke. Meanwhile, these magazines are covering the story of Hillary running again as sign of the apocalypse. Pathetic. And not exactly a sign of how far we've come or how much progress we could hopefully make going forward. I can only hope that if she does run, certain knee-jerk sexist media can figure out a smarter, more egalitarian way to illustrate her influence and power.

What's your reaction to this NYT magazine cover? Do you agree Hillary gets treated differently in the media than male politicians?


Image via MedillDC/Flickr

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