9 Michelle Obama Quotes to Celebrate the First Lady's Birthday

Michelle ObamaHave you heard the news? Michelle Obama celebrates her birthday today! Yup, the First Lady of the United States is 50 years old!

And as she celebrates her big day in Washington, D.C. with a party -- after an extended Hawaiian vacation -- it seems fitting to step back and look at the mark the First Lady has made on our nation. While her husband, President Barack Obama, may technically hold the true power seat, he's long credited Michelle Obama with being his sounding board and support system. A Harvard educated lawyer, the First Lady certainly brings a lot to the nation's capital all on her own.

Here we look at some of the most inspiring quotes the First Lady has given us since coming to the forefront of the national scene.

Happy birthday, Mrs. Obama!

Which quote is your favorite?


Image via The White House

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