Racist Teacher Who Told Student Santa Can't Be Black Should Be Fired

Santa Suit A teacher in New Mexico was put on administrative leave recently for being the worst human being imaginable. Sorry. That was my editorial bias creeping through. Here are the facts (though I stand by my assessment): A high school teacher was recently put on leave for telling a student to take off his Santa Claus costume. 

Nothing sounds too wrong with that, right? A teacher just doing their job and keeping a student from horsing around. But there's more. The teacher in question wasn't upset because the kid was goofing off. This happened during the class's holiday party -- what better place to don a Santa suit? He was mad because the student, ninth grader Christopher Rougier, is black. He demanded the kid remove the ensemble because "Santa was white." BRING IN THE COAL, I HAVE A GIANT STOCKING IN NEED OF FILLING. IT IS THE ONE MARKED "BIG OL' RACIST."


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Christopher's parents are outraged and think the teacher -- who hasn't been identified -- should be fired. I tend to agree. Administrative leave doesn't come close to being a reasonable response to this teacher's behavior. By not firing the teacher in question, the school is essentially condoning his behavior.

I hate that racism during the holidays is becoming a 'trend.' Wasn't it just a day or two ago that we were talking about Megyn Kelly's idiotic comment on air about Santa being white? Why don't we address the real issue that these bigots seem to be missing: Santa (out of the room innocent children) is a fictional being. In theory, the dude travels the globe in one night with the help of some magical reindeer. He's got a staff of elves slaving over our new iPads and Rainbow looms 24/7. All of these things are within the realm of what is reasonable -- but Santa's race is where we draw the line? It would be laughable if it weren't so disheartening.

Do you think this teacher should be fired -- or punished some other way, like having to take classes in, uh, basic decency?

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