Remembering Nelson Mandela: 15 Quotes From a True Hero

Nelson Mandela statueThe death of Nelson Mandela on Thursday at age 95 has been a loss felt not just in his native South Africa, but across the globe. The country's first black president was one of the fiercest advocates for equality that the world has seen, not merely at home in his country, but around the world. The revolutionary who battled South Africa's racist apartheid policies was also a man of great wisdom, and he had only to open his mouth for the world to stop and listen.

How do we remember Nelson Mandela today? It seems only appropriate to look back at quotes from a man who spoke often of what it means to be united as a people, not divided by racial lines.

Do you remember hearing #10? What is your most impactful memory of Nelson Mandela?


Image via G Milner/Flickr

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