News Anchor Says Breast Cancer Awareness Is Making Football Too 'Girly'

footballIf you're a person with politics leaning left of center (hello myself), you probably avoid watching Fox News. You know what I say, to each their own. Then I change the channel. But every so often one of the network's outrageous anchors says something that sends cultural shockwaves out that are so vast even I (someone who goes out of her way to avoid the network) hear about it.

Such was the case when Fox anchor Andrea Tantaros spoke up about a recent decision made by the NFL. She didn't incur my ire because I've got virulently strong feelings about my football team (what is a football though?). Instead, she had my jaw on the floor for calling out the NFL for a whole other reason.


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Tantaros (unsurprisingly) took the NFL to task for recently denying a gun manufacturer's ad airtime during the Super Bowl. Here's where it gets crazy. She then went on to BLAME the NFL's support of breast cancer awareness for "feminizing" the game and making it "soft." What in the name of all that is awesome and good?! I CAN'T EVEN.

I think I would have been less surprised (read: not at all surprised) if this statement had been made by a dude. The fact that it's another woman jeeringly calling out the NFL's policy as "girly" just stinks of idiocy. Anyone, regardless of their gender, should recognize the good the NFL does by helping raise money and awareness for breast cancer. To imply that in so doing they've lost their edge is just moronic.

If you believe the NFL should allow commercials featuring guns -- fine, speak your mind. But don't somehow make it the fault of their charitable work. If you do that, you immediately undermine your own argument. 

Do you think her argument holds any water?


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