Fake Obamacare Site Is a Cruel Attempt to Confuse People Who Need Insurance

Covering Health Care CAAs if it wasn't bad enough that the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, roll-out was a total mess, and the website has only just started working, now comes news that people have been further confused by fake, misleading websites. The California Republican Assembly is under fire for creating CoveringHealthCareCA.com, which is suspciously similar to and could be way too easily mistaken for the state's health care exchange, CoveredCA.com.

The GOP site, which launched in August, actually started raising eyebrows this week, because various Republican Assembly members sent out mailers to their constituents, pointing to their deceptive website as a “resource guide” for information on the Affordable Care Act. And that's still what they're claiming in their defense ... that it's meant as a tool to help constituents know what the law means for them. Suuuure!


While there may be legit info on the site, which was paid for by taxpayer dollars, it was clearly meant to mislead, much like 10 other imitation sites that have been pulled down. If it was truly meant to educate and inform constituents about the law, it wouldn't have been so lacking in unbiased information. (The GOP site only highlights the costs and penalties of the Affordable Care Act and ignores its potential benefits.) And it would have had a URL and design that differentiated it significantly from CoveredCA.com.

At least, since the backlash began, the GOP site was updated to include direct links to California's state insurance exchange, reports the L.A. Times. But they're small, and the layout/design of the site is still set up in such a way that is obviously meant to resemble the real site. And for what other reason than to sow confusion and prevent Californians for signing up for health insurance? So repugnant!

Whether the GOP likes it or not, the Affordable Care Act is LAW now. It's not being campaigned for, voted on, or debated anymore. It's been enacted, so like it or not, all representatives owe Americans legit information on the law -- NOT a below-the-belt, partisan attack in the form of a deceptive website that's about as educational or helpful as virus-laden, spam emails.

But if there's gotta be griping no matter what, the least these politicians can do for the people who elected them is showcase their disagreement in an above-board way! And that's something this website is doing anything but.

How do you feel about these Obamacare imitation sites? Do you think they're clearly meant to be deceptive/misleading?


Image via CoveringHealthCareCA.com

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