Pope Francis’ Latest Confession Makes Him the Coolest Pope Ever

pope francisWhen you hear the name "The Pope," certain things come to mind. Vatican City. His Army of Cardinals. That bulletproof "Pope mobile" he wheels around in. Conservative stances on just about EVERYTHING. But Pope Francis is breaking down those long-held stereotypes. He's already let it be known that the Church's views on abortion and gay marriage are antiquated and has rejected capitalism. Well, the new, shocking revelations about his personal life will surely amaze the masses yet again.


The man Catholics consider the human being closest to God used to be a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This holiest of holy men used to toss out troublemakers at a hot spot. Cool, right? He made the surprising announcement during a chat with parishioners on the outskirts of Rome. It's a totally unexpected previous profession for a Pope. Which got me thinking, what other fascinating details are lurking in the Pontiff's past?

He certainly learned a lot from his secular life. He taught literature and psychology, both of which he credits with helping him get people back into the church. But more so than specifics from his past, his actions as the 266th Pope are beyond what any other has done before. He physically embraces the sick and disfigured and he is known to sneak out of the Vatican at night to give money to the poor. He dresses up in regular priest robes and visits with homeless people. That move has earned him the reputation of a superhero in Rome. At the very least, he sounds like Robin Hood to me.

For those who have lost faith in the Church because of decades of corruption and scandal, this must be welcomed news. People are already saying he is single-handedly revitalizing the religion. It's wonderful a leader like this truly wants to lead by example. Let's just hope the world -- no matter what religion -- follows suit.

Does Pope Francis change the way you think of the Pope?


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