Katy Perry's AMA Outfit Was NOT Racist, So Can Everybody Relax?

katy perry geisha

Hey, guess what? It's time to play everybody's favorite game: "Was That Celebrity's Costume Racist or Just a Harmless Nod of Appreciation to Another Culture?" Today's edition features Katy Perry and the geisha-inspired get-up she wore for her show-starting performance of "Unconditionally" at the American Music Awards. Reactions to Perry's appropriation of the traditional Japanese costume have been, predictably, mixed. Naysayers claim the choice was "ignorant" and "trite;" in her defense, fans have pointed out that Perry "loves Japanese culture" and the Japanese love her right back.

Personally, I wouldn't call myself a Katy Perry "fan" -- but I've got to side with her supporters on this one. 


YES, celebs have been known to don some outrageously offensive costumes, particularly lately (Julianne Hough, ahem, blackface, cough, cough). so I get why we're all a little extra sensitive these days, but it's not like Perry was pulling a Miley Cyrus-esque slant-eyed stunt. Geisha-influenced fashion is nothing new, and besides, Katy Perry is famous for her love of cartoonishly colorful ensembles.  Don't believe me? Have a little fun and do a Google image search for Katy Perry's craziest costumes. Among other uber-flamboyant looks, you'll find the pop star:

1. Dressed up as a fried egg.

2. Dressed up as a snowman.

3. Wearing fake cupcakes on her boobs.

4. Wearing a miniature carousel as a skirt.

5. Dressed up as Uncle Sam.

6. Wearing fake peppermints on her boobs.

7. Dressed up as a peacock.

You get the idea. I'm surprised it took her this long to do the geisha thing, honestly! Point is, how can anybody take offense at a performance in traditional Japanese garb by a singer who's just as likely to perform in a fried egg costume?!

Do you think Katy Perry's geisha-inspired AMA costume was racist?


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