Nazi School Bus Driver Deserves More Than Suspension for Vile License Plate (VIDEO)

not seeIt's tough putting your kid on a school bus every day and trusting another adult you don't know to drive them there and back safely. When you do this you've already got enough to talk yourself down from freaking out about. You shouldn't have to be also worrying that the bus driver in question might be teaching your kids a hateful ideology

Yet this is exactly what got one school bus driver in California suspended. While the verdict's still out as to whether or not he was sharing his evil views with the kids he drove each day, this bus driver had no issue driving around town with a swastika stenciled onto the back of his truck. As if that message weren't loud-and-clear enough, he recently added a vanity license plate that read "Not See." Yeah, somebody at the DMV did not think that through. 


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Luckily, the driver, Shawn Calpito, didn't get away with his shocking and disgusting behavior for very long. Soon, the DMV was cancelling his gross license plate and his employers were suspending him from his job pending an investigation. I know it's not very fair and balanced of me, but why be bothered going through the administrative motions? This guy should clearly be fired.

It's tempting to make an argument that because Calpito wasn't doing this to the bus, and it was his own property on his own time, that his job sould have nothing to do with it. I don't happen to agree, especially because he is in a position where he interacts with malleable young minds every day. If anything, it's exceptionally heartening that his employers got involved so quickly. It proves their dedication to stamping out this sort of hatred. 

As a society we should be doing everything in our power to make sure something like the Holocaust doesn't happen again. Allowing guys like Calpito free-passes might seem like a small thing, but those small things add up to something, big, evil, and dangerous. Kick the guy to the curb and maybe make him work some serious community service in addition to getting the mental help he so clearly needs, but don't let this suspension turn into a temporary slap on the wrist. 

Do you think he should be fired or given a second chance? 

Image via JMillerSPEAKSOUT/YouTube

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