New Anti-Rape Clothing for Women Is Almost as Bad as a Chastity Belt (VIDEO)

I'm all for women carrying mace to protect themselves against violent crimes like rape and sexual assualt, which occurs in this country every 2 minutes and goes unreported an astonishing 40 percent of the time. But a new trend seems to be emerging and I can't help but find it disturbing. Yet another women's clothing line has debuted a line of anti-rape fashion designed to keep women safe from men's roving, uncontrollable hands.


Here's how AR Wear's line of shorts and underwear work. The waist, thighs, and central panels are designed with cut-resistant straps and webbing that are resistant to pulling and tearing. Its clothing also features a locking device on the waist that prevents it from being pulled down and thigh straps that prevent the leg openings from being lifted. 

Just a few months ago, another company introduced anti-rape lingerie that gives sexual perverts an electric shock and alerts police to the victim's whereabouts. While the technology in both of these lines is ingenious, it's sad that our society is headed in this direction. I hope inventions like these don't somehow backfire and spread the message that women are responsible for the hideous sexual crimes committed by sexual deviants.

These companies' hearts are in the right place -- but it somehow feels like we're shifting the responsibility onto women to fend off men and their natural desires. Which was sort of the purpose of the chastity belt, wasn't it? I don't think I would have such a bad taste in my mouth if AR Wear's promo video didn't depict young women going out to nightclubs and having a little too much to drink, but not having to worry about unwanted sexual attacks because they're wearing underwear made of steel.

I would totally be all for my daughter wearing anti-rape running shorts while jogging in Central Park at 6 a.m., but I would hope she wouldn't use her clothing as an excuse to get drunk and let down her guard. And I certainly don't want young men to go around thinking it's cool for them to be more sexually aggressive because any girl who doesn't really want it will be wearing chaste undergarments.

Here's AR Wear's promo video:

Do you like the idea of anti-rape clothing? 


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