Obamacare Girl Vanishes From Site ... But Where Did She Go?

Hey! Where did the Obamacare girl go? It looks like the government finally decided to take down the stock image of the smiling lady from the front page of their glitchy, non-workable health care website.

Last week the poor girl was photoshoped in mock panic over the healthcare.gov’s instantly infamous failure of a launch, and it seems that now she’s just up and vanished. The image on the front page of the website is now some super lame graphics, which likely exist to indicate all the ways you still can’t purchase health insurance on the exchanges.


Personally, I think Obamacare Girl got sick of being the face that people on hold for hours grew to loathe, as her carefree smile with her straight teeth reminded them of the dental work they need and still can’t get, even though President Free Stuff like, totally promised it.

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Here’s a list of the top ten places Obamacare Girl might be now that she’s not holding down the fort at HealthCare.gov.

  1. Playing golf with the president.
  2. Hanging out with Julia, the faceless government dependent.
  3. Waiting in line for food stamps.
  4. Maybe she fainted.
  5. She’s crying because she saw her new health care premiums.
  6. The Obamas invited her to vacay in Hawaii!
  7. Or Martha’s Vineyard.
  8. She went to Canada for health care. Haha, just kidding. She was too scared of being put on a death panel.
  9. Taking html and web development classes to fix the broken health care website.
  10. She’s busy changing her voter registration from Democrat to Republican.

Where do you think Obamacare Girl went?


Image via Healthcare.gov


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