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8 Ways Real Moms Feel About the Obamacare Website

messEarlier this month the so-called "Obamacare" website Healthcare.gov launched and man oh man, did it ever make a splash. I hear people are loving the website. Except that actually they hate it. Apparently it's a nightmare to navigate, filled with bugs, and there may or may not have been death threats sent to the now infamous (and now GONE) Obamacare Girl, the Photostock model who used to show up on the homepage.

How big a pain in the ass is it to sign up for a plan via the online federal insurance marketplace? Ask the CafeMom members who visited Healthcare.gov and lived to tell the tale. We pulled a few direct quotes from the community that convey the full range of emotions moms expressed about navigating the site. We're not getting into the politics or the cost, by the way -- just how people are doing through the sign-up process.

Have you tried signing up for health insurance via the marketplace website?

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1Website Is Crap

I'm trying to, stupid website is crap. I started the whole process on the first of October, here is the 23rd and  I still haven't been able to see what they have. I'm on the verge of saying fuck it and just pay the fine.

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2It's a Huge F---ing Mess

I have been trying to get in since day one. No go. The site is one huge fucking mess.

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3Unmitigated Disaster

Experiencing glitches?  Complete, unmitigated disaster.

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4Blank Page

I tried to look into it - registered for the site, and then got a completely white/blank page for the first few days. I tried again today and all I got was a green screen full of question marks. One of the calculators said we weren't eligible for any of the plans, and another told me it would cost us over $1,000 a month to insure our family. All I could think was, "sorry you can't eat kids, but you've got health care for when you starve to death."


5Website Doesn't Work

The website still doesn't fully work.

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6Down Since Day 1

I keep trying but the site has been down since day one.

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Can't get into the website. Fuck it.

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