Pregnant Woman Collapses During President Obama's Speech: Let the Jokes Begin

President Obama gave (another) speech about health care yesterday, and man was it long (again). That guy really likes the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he? Anyway, it was so long that a pregnant woman standing behind him almost fainted! Karmel Allison visibly became woozy and wobbly and had to be led away after almost collapsing.

Now it could be because she’s pregnant, and standing still for one of the president’s speeches is a long time to stand even when you’re not growing a human, but Twitter had some different ideas about her fainting spell.


Here are the top seven tweets to describe the potential reasons behind the woman’s apparent dizziness.

“A woman behind the president appeared to faint and he helped her stand up and get assistance. Another service of ObamaCare.” @markknoller

“Oh, no. Obama's speech was interrupted by a metaphor. Hope she's okay.” @jimgeraghty

“Obama catches the uninsured.” @bennyjohnson

“That girl almost passed out after waiting too long for the Obamacare site to load.” @DLoesch

“I wonder if that woman realized millions of Americans will be paying a lot more so she can pay less & passed out from guilt?” @derekahunter

“That lady fainted when she found out what her deductible was.” @montedamastiff

“In fairness to the woman who nearly fainted behind Obama -- anyone of us would get dizzy from all that spinning.” @ChrisStigall

Watch the video here:

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Image via Twitchy Video/YouTube

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