Pistol-Packing Pastor Who Stopped Violent Thief Is Exactly Why We Need Guns

Pastor Carl Sanders is my favorite today, after foiling a robbery attempt using his own concealed weapon. The pistol-packing pastor was in the right place at the right time on Friday night, as a man tried to rob an Indiana discount store.

Pastor Sanders, who has a permit to carry a gun, was taken aback at the Dollar General Store in Evansville when a man with a bandana covering his face held up what appeared to be a gun covered in plastic and demanded money from the register.


The crook, later identified as Jermaine Dwayne Marshall, 25, told the employee to open the register and give him the money, and allegedly hit the worker in the face several times when he was refused.

That’s when Pastor Sanders walked into the store. Jermaine started toward him, waving his weapon at him and demanding that he get on the floor.

"He was telling me to get on the ground," Sanders said. "That's when I pulled my weapon and say, 'No, you get on the ground.'"

It worked, and Sanders was able to hold Marshall until law enforcement arrived and arrested him on a variety of charges. Possession of a firearm probably wasn’t one of them though, as the thing he’d been pretending was a gun was actually a spoon wrapped in plastic. 

That is one kick-butt pastor! I love that he added that Marshall “didn’t deserve to be hurt, I wasn’t going to hurt him, but I wanted him to know you can’t do this.”

This is perfect example of why guns themselves are not bad and can actually play a vital role in public safety. It seems that Marshall was getting violent, so who knows if he would’ve assaulted more people he believed to be getting in his way? Not to mention the loss to the store if he’d gotten away with the theft.

I also love that it was a pastor that pulled the gun. And for anyone that might say this proves there’s no God, since it was a pistol and not a prayer that helped to apprehend the criminal, just think about what you’d be praying for if you found yourself in close vicinity to a violent criminal. I’d be praying for a good guy with a gun to show up.

Would you feel safer knowing you were near a private citizen with a concealed weapon?


Image via Stillfactory/Corbis

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