Government Shutdown Showdown Is Almost Over

white flagAmericans, our long national nightmare is over...ish. Today the Senate passed a proposal to reopen the government. Then Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that he would bring the Senate bill to the floor and he would encourage his fellow Republicans to pass it. "We fought the good fight," Boehner said. "We just didn't win." It's not officially over, yet -- not until the House votes later on tonight. But Boehner expressed confidence that government would reopen tomorrow. What a relief! I think we were about the smash our heads against that debt ceiling.


We have an accord! Right? Jeebus, took you guys long enough. I swear, pirates could do a better job of settling this dispute. Maybe next election ...

Anyway, the crisis appears to be over, and that's what's most important. The Senate bill will pay back furloughed federal workers for missed wages. What a relief to you government employees!

While I'm plenty pissed at House Republicans whose obsession with Obamacare held the whole country hostage (honey, it's my job to have an opinion here), I do feel a certain way about what seems to be a bit of crowing from liberals on Twitter. I won't mention names, but maybe it's too early to start writing and tweeting stories about how it's OVER! for House Republicans. Those guys will live to fight another day. We all will. And thank goodness!

What did we learn here? I don't know. I guess we learned not to do it again. It reminds me of that final scene in the Cohen Brothers movie, Burn After Reading. (NSFW video below -- potty mouth warning.)

Do you think our leaders will learn to compromise better in the future, or will everyone go back to business as usual?


Image via Corbis

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