Anti-Hillary Buttons at GOP Convention Are a Disgrace

At California’s Republican Party convention, someone tweeted a photo of derogatory buttons mocking Hillary Clinton. They were reportedly spotted outside a VIP reception area and were later found to be removed. Thank goodness, because they were classless.

The buttons read, “KFC HILLARY SPECIAL” at top, and “2 Fat Thighs 2 Small Breasts ... Left Wing” underneath. So not cool -- and I say that as a rightwing chick with no real love for Ms. Clinton.


Attacking female politicians on their looks is the fastest way to say, “I have no valid argument against what you’re saying.” At a GOP convention, surely there has to be something to be said about Hillary’s policies or her record? Why resort to making fun of her thighs and breasts? She’s not even fat, you guys.

I may not be a fan of Hillary’s but I’m a fan of women, and we all deserve respect. So let’s just stop it with calling females in politics things like the c-word or whore, insinuating that they’re lyin' ass b*****s, or just generally insulting them however they can.

Go ahead and call them out on their policies and ideas and engage in a real debate, but have a little respect and refrain from the stupid insults. It just makes you look bad.

Do you think women in politics deserve this kind of treatment because they’re the ones that put themselves out there?

Image via @cmarinucci/Twitter

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