World War II Vets Refuse to Let Government Shutdown Stop Them From Seeing Memorial

Because politics are sometimes often petty, the government shutdown has forced the closure of national parks and monuments. Including the World War II Monument on the D.C. National Mall. The one that was visited yesterday by 92 WWII veterans.

Proving that we won the war for a reason, these soldiers didn’t let a pesky thing like a barricade stop them. They were there to see the monument dedicated to their service to our country, and see it they did.


The veterans were participating in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Honor Flight, which was established in 2011 so WWII vets from around the country could fly, free of charge, to Washington to tour the monuments. Isn’t that an awesome way to honor our heroes?

Unfortunately, they were almost stopped by orders directly from the White House to close off the memorials, even though the police for the park aren’t affected by the government shutdown. Nice, huh?

Blocking off our national monuments is ridiculous and petty, especially when a group of war vets is being flown in specifically to see them. If you’ve ever done the tourist thing in D.C., you know that the park is, well, a park! It’s a lot of open space, and the monuments are mostly outdoor attractions. It probably cost more taxpayer dollars to put up barricades than to keep the Park Police, who are again not affected by the shutdown, on duty.

You’d think that the politicians would step slowly back from this childish temper tantrum of blocking off the monuments when the Honor Flight Veterans, members of the Greatest Generation and ever the adults in the room, basically pffffft’d in their faces and knocked aside the fences.

D.C.’s response, of course, was to put them back, even though hundreds more vets are expected to come through in the coming weeks. I’m kind of hoping they all make a break for it.

Are these guys your heroes or should they have stayed behind the lines?


Image via Brittany Hogan/Flickr

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