Couple's Dream Wedding Gets Wrecked by Government Shutdown

thomas jefferson memorialLike most young engaged couples, Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le wanted their wedding to take place at a venue that held some sort of special significance to them. Both having worked on Capitol Hill and on major political campaigns, they decided to say their "I do"s at the same place where they went on their first date: the west lawn of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Now, no thanks to the government shutdown, they may very well need to quickly pull together a Plan B. That's because if the federal government shut down and remained shuttered by the wedding’s 5:30 p.m. start time Saturday, Cassesso and Le and their 130 family and friends would be barred from stepping foot on the property. Ugh!


Granted, one couple's wedding is not the worst effect of the government shutdown BY FAR. And couples have to deal with venue switches all the time due to weather or hurricanes (I knew of couples who had Jersey shore weddings plans that were thrown for a loop after Sandy!) or fires, etc. So this is really nothing all that new or dire, but it's still one example of how absolutely ridiculous this government shutdown is and how it is taking a toll on real people's lives.

Thankfully, though, the Washington Post reports that the couple already has a couple of backup plan options. They might get hitched at a restaurant/wine bar on Capitol Hill or in the backyard of their apartment building in Northeast Washington, D.C.

Here's hoping that either way, it comes together quickly and painlessly as possible. And that even though they had to scramble to change their venue at the last minute, they'll end up having an equally memorable Big Day. Come to think of it, probably even more memorable, being that they'll always be able to tell the story of how Congress threw a wrench in their wedding plans!

Was there something you had to switch/tweak at the last minute for your wedding that was similarly stressful?


Image via inkdroid/Flickr

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