Greedy Congressmen Who Cut Food Stamps Program Got a Lesson They Will Never Forget (VIDEO)

russian foodCuts to SNAP (the food stamps program in the U.S.) have been in the news lately. This is horrible for the people who rely on the less than $5 a day the program provides to buy even basic groceries. Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California is appalled by the cuts, and she recently spoke up in Congress against them.

She chose to make her point in a very unique way. As is customary, Speier had a speech prepared to present to the floor. That's where what's customary ended. She accompanied her speech with props to hit her point home. Those props and what she had to say about them made an impression no one who saw her speak will soon forget.


Speier called out the members of Congress who pride themselves on being responsible for the SNAP cuts. She points out that these same members have taken "business trips" where their per diems were hundreds of dollars. She held up a cooked steak, a bottle of vodka, and even caviar to demonstrate all of the things the Congressmen were able to buy in one day. 


It's depressing that Speier had to go to such drastic lengths to gain the attention of her colleagues. But, if such demonstrations are going to promote a dialogue that makes for real change, bring on the props! If it takes visuals to get things done, maybe we should make them mandatory in Congress. 

Do you think we should have more props used in Congressional speeches?

Image via David Leo Veksler/Flickr

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