Michelle Obama Can't Resist This Guilty Pleasure

Michelle ObamaI'm watching the Washington Post's Childhood Obesity summit live on the Internet this morning and some suprising facts are coming to light.

Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic in this country -- 32% of American children are overweight or obese and the summit participants are brainstorming on how to turn that number around.

But in a lighter moment, Sam Kass, White House Executive Director of Let's Move!, admitted during the discussion that Michelle Obama finds one not-so-healthy food item to be completely irresistable.

And that food is ...



Of course it is!

Who can resist French fries? Not me!

When this incredible revelation came to light, the moderator asked Kass HOW MANY French fries Mrs. O will eat in one sitting.

"As many as I give her," Kass replied. "If they're there, she'll eat them."

Kass went on to add that Mrs. Obama works out every single day, and that she only eats French fries occasionally as a special treat. Obviously, the First Lady's doing something right, because she looks great!

This brief exchange during the summit reinforced my attempts to exercise as often as possible. If the President's wife can make time to work out every day, surely I can as well! And I have to admit --  when I'm good with my workouts, I can definitely see the difference in my body.

After learning the French fry secret, the moderator couldn't resist asking Kass what the President's guilty pleasure was. His answer?


President Obama loves burgers.

It's just so ... American, isn't it?

What's your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Image via the White House

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