Out of Touch Old Guys Won't Be Running the Country Much Longer

Did you know that there are six members of Congress that were born in the '80s? That’s 1980s, not 1880s, as the stereotypical “old guy politician” image suggests. Let that sink in for a minute ... we have members of Congress that are also members of Gen-Y.

And they’re ready to shake up the pervasive politics-as-usual aura in Washington. Two of these youngins, Republican Aaron Schock and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, have teamed up to form the “Congressional Future Caucus,” with the aim of keeping the millennial generation in mind when discussing policy solutions.


The bipartisan effort is a natural next step, according to Gabbard. She said that the younger members are as frustrated with the slow pace on the Hill as the public is, and they don’t want to “just sit back and say well, this is going to take the next 10 or 20 years to accomplish.”

Schock added:

We need diversity in government ... the long-term strategy has suffered as a result of the age of Congress. I’ve said before that if you took all the members under the age of 40 and locked them in a room, they’d be able to come up with solutions to our problems in 24 hours. Many of us are less interested in the institution and more interested in finding solutions.

This might actually work! I know my generation is often berated for having an I-can-do-anything attitude, but maybe that’s a good thing when it comes to overthrowing the status quo and getting government to work for the people again.

Let’s face it, millennials are the ones that have been most affected by the bad policies that have come out of Washington in recent years. We’re the ones that can’t find jobs, are saddled with debt, and are paying into Social Security without any faith that we’ll ever see a dime of it.

These guys have a vested interest in figuring out how to make things better. I think we should give them a shot.

Do you think the ‘Future Caucus’ will shake things up in D.C.?


Image via Randy von Liski/Flickr

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