New Miss America Gets Bashed for Being Indian

This is completely nuts. For the first time in nearly never, the outdated, fuddy-duddy folks at Miss America did something slightly progressive and crowned the first Indian American woman Miss America. Her name is Nina Davuluri, she's 24, from Syracuse, New York, and competed on a platform called "Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency." 

Rather than water down her heritage in order to fit in, she embraced it -- even performing a Bollywood-style dance for the talent competition. 

But the moment the crown was placed on her head, the Twitter backlash came fast and furious, proving many people in this country still believe you can be proud of your cultural differences -- but you sure don't deserve to win Miss America because of it.


Tweets ranged from "This is miss America, not miss terrorist" to "A f*&%ing goddamn terrorist 9-11 b*tch won MISS AMERICA WTF!!" to "WHEN WILL A WHITE WOMAN WIN #MISSAMERICA? Ever??!!"

Even Todd Starnes, a host on FOX News, weighed in with the insanely silly comment: "The liberal Miss America judges won't say this -- but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values. #missamerica."

Are people serious? This is still a competition in which grown-up, educated women parade around in swimsuits, right? 

The weird thing is, with the exception of her race, Nina is almost a carbon copy of every blonde in the Miss America competition. Her dad is a physician, which probably made it a lot easier for her to buy those expensive sequined gowns, she dropped 60 pounds prior to winning the competition, and she looked great in her zebra-print bikini. 

But instead of focusing on the fact that the Miss America pageant constantly crowns the same exact woman -- whether Caucasian, African American, Lebanese American, or now Indian American -- these Twitter haters choose to rail against her for as ignorant a reason as her race. 

It's 2013. There is no one face of America. I may not agree with Miss America's antiquated pageant, but I'm happy they have at least expanded their ideas on who is American and what beauty looks like. And I'm appalled that some people would prefer to return to the good ol' days when blonde women who shared the same ethnic and religious backgrounds ruled the competition. 

What do you think about the reaction to the crowning of the first Indian American Miss America? 


Image via Miss America

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