Marine's Invite to Miley Cyrus for Marine Corps Ball Is an Embarrassment to the Military (VIDEO)

sgt. jay owensAsking a celebrity to be your date to the Marine Corps Ball is nothing new for servicemen and women. In 2011, an Afghanistan vet successfully asked Mila Kunis to escort him, and Justin Timberlake went with Cpl. Kelly De Santis. Now, Sgt. Jay Owings, stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, has gone out on a limb to ask his favorite star to accompany him to the special occasion on November 7, just eight days before he is discharged after seven years of service ... A pop star with an especially cringeworthy reputation right about now thanks to the icky spectacle she made of herself at the MTV VMAs. Yup, I'm talkin' 'bout MILEY CYRUS! Ugh, whhhhhyyyyy?

In a YouTube video he's made to "pop the question" to Miley, Sgt. Owens says he thinks she is "awesome despite what anyone else says" and that she has his love. Buh.

Whether or not she'll attend with the Marine remains to be seen, of course, but if she does, won't it look distasteful?


Of course the VMAs disaster doesn't and shouldn't completely DEFINE Miley, but it is certainly the thing at the top of our collective national mind about her. And this latest incarnation of her career is about 180 degrees from squeaky clean. That said, how would it look for a Marine to bring her to a respectable, high-profile event like the ball? Not so great, I'd imagine. 

Really the biggest factor here for me, at least, is that given the trend of his colleagues asking celebs to be their Ball date, Sgt. Owings could have had his pick of a PLETHORA of more upstanding, talented female celebs to accompany him. Like Shakira, who is extremely philanthropic and has been honored by the U.N. Or Demi Lovato, who consistently lends her voice to teen body image and wellness issues. Women who stand for something bigger more important things than "dancing with Molly" and doing "what we want to."

But, hey, more power to Sgt. Owings and Miley if they set the date. Miley's involvement would be a big win for HER PR team -- especially right now -- but probably pretty embarrassing for the military.

Here's Sgt. Owings' video for Miley ...

What do you think -- would Miley going to the Marine Corps Ball make the military (or at least Sgt. Owings) look bad?


Image via Jay Owings/YouTube

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