Hundreds of Children Reportedly Gassed in Syria -- Are You as Outraged as You Should Be? (VIDEO)

Horrible news out of Syria, which has been embroiled in a civil war for two years. There are reports that the president of the country, President Bashar al-Assad, had unleashed nerve gas attacks on hundreds of women and children. Pictures taken by Reuters of children in unimaginable pain and suffering are quite disturbing to look at. But we need to look. Because we need to know what is happening. It's easy to forget when you're half a world away that people on the other side of the planet think and feel just as we do. Syrian children feel and think and suffer and fear just as American children would.


Syria's government is denying these claims of gassing its own people, but clearly children are dead. The pictures tell that. Pictures of dead children, lined up side by side. Reportedly, the ones still alive do not even have medication, and their godawful injuries are being treated with vinegar.

The question is, what can we do? It's so horrible to sit around and know this is going on and not be able to DO anything that I think most of us go into denial. Otherwise, it would be too overwhelming. We stop caring the way we cared about Newtown or when we hear about a missing American child, because it's just too out of our control.

Do we send troops in? These things sound easy, but if we sent troops everywhere there was death and destruction, they'd be everywhere, all the time. We sent our troops to Iraq to supposedly make things better for the people over there, and is that what we did? Do we even know? Is it all worth the death and injuries and destruction and PTSD and everything else that now our troops and their families deal with?

I don't have the answers. I would like to see something done. I don't want to sit back and watch children die any more than anyone else. But I also know that war is never a quick solution. It's possible more children will die if we go in. But to watch this ... unspeakable.

Why do humans do this kind of thing to each other? I'll certainly never understand.

What should we do? (Warning: These images are disturbing. But they are reality.)


Image via Bambuser/MyFreeArbeen

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