$50 Off Abortion Coupon Rightfully Enrages Everyone

waiting room doctorIt's hard to imagine a web coupon enraging the masses, but then again, it's not every day that you see one for "$50 off abortion services -- Sundays only!" At first glimpse, it sounds like something so crazy and horrifying, it had to be fake, right? But no ... Sadly, the outrageous promo was a legit, likely PR stunt from a rogue Orlando, FL abortion clinic, run by a physician named "Dr." James Pendergraft, whose license has been revoked FIVE TIMES.

The most recent time was in April, after the doctor performed an illegal third-trimester abortion, according to WFTV. He claimed he didn't know the woman was in her third trimester. And yet he's supposed to be an M.D.?! What's more, his clinic was shut down in June, and all equipment was seized as part of the proceedings in an unpaid $36 million medical malpractice judgment against Pendergraft. But somehow, the clinic brazenly reopened in July ... and then started with these COUPONS.

Clearly, the guy is a whackjob!


There's something seriously wrong with this "doctor" and his practice; you don't even have to look at his track record to realize that! Just consider this coupon stunt. Sure, certain health services thrive on couponage (consider weight loss services, plastic surgery, etc.), but ABORTION? NO. It's a painful, personal, time-sensitive decision. Not something a woman is going to say, "Ooh, lemme wait 'til Sunday, cuz I have that coupon ..." Ughhh!

It's mind-blowing and wrong, and I'm sure that's something people on both sides of the abortion issue can agree on. Still, this is the kind of thing FOX News and Rush Limbaugh and everyone on the far right salivate over, because it's the kind of fodder they can point to as an illustration of how EVIL all abortion providers are. And how abortion is a business built around taking advantage of low-income women. But jumping to extreme conclusions like that doesn't help anyone.

Unfortunately, there are quack doctors in every corner of health care, and that's all this boils down to. It's not a direct reflection on standup, legal abortion clinics, like Planned Parenthood, which truly have women's best interests at heart.

What are your thoughts on this insane coupon?


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