Gay Soldiers' 'Marriage Leave' Shows Our Country's Love for All Military Families

all my people are equal sign american flagAfter the Defense of Marriage Act was totally squashed, and the government could start recognizing same-sex marriages, married military couples got psyched that this meant benefits for their spouses. But those who haven't been able to marry -- because they're not in a state where it's legal or they haven't been able to get leave from service -- are in a tougher spot. Thankfully, it looks like the Pentagon understands this -- and is doing what they should to make things right.

Now, same-sex spouses of military members are set to get health care, housing, and other benefits by the end of the month under a proposal put forth by the Pentagon. Plus, a draft Defense Department memo says the department may provide up to 10 days of leave to military personnel in same-sex relationships, so they can travel to states where they can legally marry, according to the AP. So awesome!


Nothing's in stone yet, but the proposed plan sounds thorough and fantastic. Not to mention that it speaks volumes about how seriously the Pentagon seems to be taking this new, DOMA-free era. The fact that they may be doing what they can to expedite the process with a 10-day leave, making it easier for same-sex military couples to reap the same benefits heterosexual couples have had, is really admirable. It shows that, finally, thank goodness, we are making progress as a nation by giving all military families the equal rights and benefits they've deserved all along. 

Are you reassured by this news?

Image via Richard Wood/Flickr

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