Leah Remini's Scientology Past May Come Back to Haunt Her

Leah Remini, my personal fav from King of Queens, may have left the world of Scientology (because it is an entirely different world) but it sounds like it may not be a smooth departure. There are reports now that she may be worried about what will happen to years of "intimate confessions" made while a member of the church.

Remini was born into this "religion" -- and so for 37 years she was a part an organization that apparently has confessions from her both typed up and on video. Gahhh ... What's a woman to do? Could these be used against her in any way?


I can't imagine how hard of a decision it would be to leave any religion -- but if you go from being a Catholic to a Jew or a Protestant to an atheist, presumably you don't have to worry about keeping information about your prior religion a secret. You don't have to worry about other religious members intentionally shunning you. Friendships that were formed over a lifetime don't have to go away just because you are choosing to worship a different way -- or not at all.

Well, for Leah, these are just a few of the things she has likely already faced. And from the sound of it, this may just be the beginning of what she will need to deal with because of her exit from Scientology. And honestly ... it's ridiculous. Leah should be able to leave a religious organization without fear of retribution. Even if she is planning to write a tell-all memoir about the religion!

Do you think she has reason to be worried?


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