Anthony Weiner's Wife Blames Herself for His Sexting -- Should She? (VIDEO)

Anthony Weiner Huma AbedinFriends say that Anthony Weiner's wife blamed herself -- at least partially -- for her husband's sexting. Can you imagine? Sources close to Huma Abedin told People magazine (in an issue due out tomorrow) that Huma beat herself up when her weiner of a husband confessed last year that he had gone back to his dirty dog sexting ways. Huma reportedly felt she bore some responsibility, because she had stopped going to marriage therapy and had been devoting too much attention to their newborn baby, little Jordan.

Excuse me? What is wrong with you, girl?!


If this is true -- and I really hope for Huma's sake that it's not -- then this otherwise smart woman really needs to get some help. She needs to understand that the victim is NOT to blame, and if I were her best friend, sister, or mom, I'd want to kidnap her and get a professional to talk some sense into her!

Throughout this whole gross scandal, I have really tried not to be judgmental about the fact that Huma has stayed by the side of her disgraced, cheating husband. (Oh yes, you bet I consider sexting and engaging in phone sex cheating!) No matter my personal opinion or what I like to think I would do in her shoes, what goes on between two people is really their own business. I have even somewhat admired the fact that Huma had the strength to stay despite the public support she would have gotten for leaving. She obviously felt that her marriage was worth putting the work in to save, both for the sake of the vows she made and for the sake of the baby she had growing inside of her when the original sexting allegations emerged and her husband had to step down from his New York Congressman seat. 

A friend named Rory Tahari told People, "She never wanted Jordan to say to her, 'Why didn’t you do everything you could to help Dad?'" When I think about it from that perspective, I can really, really understand where Huma was coming from when she decided to stay.

But going to far as to blame herself? That's just wrong. It's a sick and unhealthy way of looking at this situation. There is ONE PERSON at fault here, and that one person is Anthony Weiner. It is his fault, and his fault alone, that the entire world can now see pictures of his, er, wiener if they so choose. He made the choice to cheat on his wife and child, to disrespect his wedding vows and his family home.

Do you understand why Huma might feel even partially at fault?


Image via Politico

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