George H.W. Bush Shaves His Head to Support 2-Year-Old Leukemia Patient

George H.W. BushI don't care what your political point of view is, you can't help but love former President George H.W. Bush for this recent move he made. According to a statement and this incredibly adorable picture released by his office, he shaved his head bald for a 2-year-old named Patrick. Patrick is the son of a Secret Service agent who is part of Bush's security team in Kennebunkport, Maine, and he has leukemia.

When other members of the security team started shaving their heads, Bush took notice. Earlier this week he decided to join them and shaved his as well.


How cool is that? While it won't cure Patrick, it's one of those small gestures that surely means a huge amount to the boy's family. Often when we learn people are dealing with something like this, we don't know what to do to show our support and sometimes find ourselves doing nothing. But for families suffering, knowing they have support and that people are thinking of them is often what they need most.

It's also a cause that means a lot to the former President as he and his wife Barbara lost their second child, Pauline, to leukemia in 1953, when she was 4.

The good news is that Patrick's prognosis is "very positive" according to Patrick's Pals, a website designed to raise funds for his medical care. He will, however, likely need years of expensive treatments. So hopefully, beyond the emotional support Bush shaving his head provided to Patrick and his family, it will bring additional attention to the cause and will help generate some funds too.

Also, I think ol' 41 looks pretty great with a chrome dome, don't you?

Do you love that George H.W. Bush did this?


Image via Office of George Bush

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