Is the Zimmerman Verdict Dividing Our Nation? (VIDEO)

Moms Matter Google Hangout

When George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, much of the nation reacted in shock.

Emotions have been running high, with some staging protests and many others speaking out about their feelings online.

The question we ask today in our Moms Matter Google Hangout: Could this trial be a catalyst to try and bridge the racial divide in our nation -- or is it pushing us farther apart?


If you want to learn more about the topics we discussed in this hangout or just catch up on reactions to the trial, here's a quick rundown:

-The basic argument many are having online is over whether the verdict exposed inherent racism in the justice system or whether there was simply a weak case against George Zimmerman. CNN analyzed the race factor in the Zimmerman trial.

-Kelly Wickham of the blog Mocha Momma wrote a powerful post about those who've stayed silent in the wake of the Zimmerman trial. "I see a lot of people whom I consider friends, many of them with powerful Twitter accounts with amazing reach, simply giving Trayvon Martin and all the conversations surrounding his death a wide berth," she wrote. It's a great post. Check it out.

-Rebecca Woolf wrote about the Zimmerman trials from the perspective of a white, middle-class mother. As she puts it in the post's title, "We Need to Talk About Race." After receiving an onslaught of comments, she wrote a followup post the next day in response to what was said.

-Trayvon Martin's parents spoke out about the verdict in an interview with ABC News. I was very impressed by their poise and desire to forgive in the wake of what was obviously devastating news.

Now, my question for you. Is it possible for this trial to be a catalyst to bring the nation closer together, as Trayvon's parents wish?

Also, have you told your kids about the verdict? Will you? What will you tell them?

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