Female Republican Shames Rape Victims Who Seek Justice (VIDEO)

If it's one sincere wish I would have for mankind, it would be this: That Republican lawmakers should stop talking about the vagina. JUST. STOP. You do not understand it. It's like your private parts are from Mars and everyone else's are from Venus. For yet another GOP genius has come out with some asinine idea about rape: This time, it's that rape kits are used for abortions. This ignoramus, who is actually a Texas state representative by the name of Jodie Laubenberg, used this excuse as to why rape victims should not be exempt from the strict abortion law the GOP is trying to pass. OMG, can they just shut up already?!!


According to Laubenberg, rape victims shouldn't be exempt from an abortion ban because they can simply go on down to their local hospital and use a rape kit to get an abortion. Say WHAT?!

Says Laubenberg:

In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits, where a woman can get cleaned out. The woman had five months to make that decision, at this point we are looking at a baby that is very far along in its development.

Wow, what is next?! Banning rape kits because they give you abortions?! I'm not joking. This will be next!

There's an enormous difference between swabbing a woman's vagina to collect DNA ... and actually going inside of the uterus and cutting out a fetus.

Really, what's going on here seems to be some kind of rape shaming. The message is: Don't go to get a rape kit done because that's just like getting an abortion!

Let's face it, Laubenberg, and anyone who supports her Draconian abortion bill, wants one thing: No one to get an abortion under any circumstances. Incest? Have the baby! Rape? Have the baby! She should just admit that rather than trying to compare rape kits and abortion procedures. Just say, "I don't care if you were raped by your own father, you should have his baby. I don't care if you are 10. You should have his baby." Because that is what she means. When men stop raping, maybe women will stop aborting.

Apparently after being called by reporters the day after her gaffe, Laubenberg admitted that rape kits and abortion procedures aren't exactly the same thing. Duh.

Do you think a rape kit gives abortions?



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